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Using DNA testing and family history research to find biological family members, from unknown birth parents to distant ancestors


Alison helps adoptees and those looking for close biological family members. She has years of experience working on DNA tests taken at Ancestry, 23 and Me, My Heritage and Family Tree DNA. She utilizes the best of all available techniques and third party tools including her own variations of the Leeds method, and WATO (the What are the Odds tool at DNA Painter). She is tenacious in identifying DNA matches and figuring out how they fit into each genetic network.


Some gaps in a family tree will never be able to be filled in without combining traditional genealogy with DNA testing and genetic genealogy analysis. 
Alison works to find DNA match patterns (clusters, groups and/or genetic networks) that can provide the information needed to break through these brick wall lines.  


Alison frequently helps aspiring genetic genealogists and family history researchers. In addition, many people new to genealogy and DNA testing want to be involved in finding their family members. Alison patiently assists in outlining a plan and guiding people through the steps to solve their own family mystery. Most often this is done via online screen sharing sessions, but arrangements can be made for in person assistance as necessary. Alison also has an online video series available to help people learn about DNA testing and how to utilize test results to solve specific problems.  




Alison Wilde is a genetic genealogist. Alison took her first genealogy class in 1988 and has been hooked on family history ever since. 

Before pursuing genealogy as a career, Alison spent fourteen years coordinating projects and managing people for a financial services company. While taking time off to raise her children, she started spending more time working on family history and was excited to take advantage of the emerging field of genealogical DNA testing. 

Her DNA hobby soon turned into an obsession, and then a second career. In 2014, she began using DNA testing to help adoptees, people searching for ancestors, and those with misattributed parentage. 

Alison is a member of the National Genealogical Society, the Utah Genealogical Association the Association of Professional Genealogists. During her spare time she serves as a genetic genealogy mentor, a Search Angel volunteer, and teaches family history and genetic genealogy classes at her local family history center.

Watch the Introduction to The Screen Method Video

Learn how to identify and document the critical information for each DNA match in a one-line note.

This easy to use system lays the foundation for analyzing and solving any type of genetic genealogy problem. If you don't know where to start with your DNA matches, this is the place! 

Note: The SCREEN Method is for beginners with at least one known parent. Testers with two unknown parents should use the L-SCREEN Method, but will still learn good genetic genealogy practices from this video. Advanced DNA users will want to watch this video and use the additional components found in the AP-SCREEN method video.

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Get your free SCREEN Method Download for Beginners!   Included Here in the DNA Genealogy Guide .  Comes with tools, resources, links and information to get started!

Watch the Introduction to The AP-Screen Method Video

The advanced version of the SCREEN Method for standardized note taking for DNA matches.

Experienced users will learn how to incorporate the use of ancestral paths to shed light on difficult to identify DNA matches and isolate the best matches to use for analysis in solving problems and extending brick wall lines. 

Genetic genealogists collaborating with others on the same test will especially benefit from the use of this standardized system. 

Note: The AP-SCREEN Method is for advanced users working with DNA testers that have at least one known parent Beginners should watch the video for the SCREEN Method, before using this AP version. Testers with unknown parentage should use the L-SCREEN Method instead, which has its own SCREEN acronym for note taking, that is used in conjunction with the Leeds Method for grouping matches.

Get your free AP-SCREEN Method Download!   Included Here in the DNA Genealogy Guide .  Comes with tools, resources, links and information to get started!

Watch the Introduction to The L-Screen Method Video

Testers with two unknown parents should use the L-SCREEN Method, but will still learn good genetic genealogy practices from this video.

Get your free L-SCREEN Method Download!   Included Here in the DNA Genealogy Guide .  Comes with tools, resources, links and information to get started!

Here's What People Are Saying... 

testimonial #1
Wow! Alison Wilde was a lifesaver in helping us not only find and verify my adopted mother’s biological parents, but also helping us fill in blank spots in my genealogy that I thought we were never going to be able to continue the lineage on. I had no idea that this was all possible through DNA genetic genealogy until I found Alison and got this help. Alison says she loves puzzles and genealogy is definitely a puzzle. Her expertise, resourcefulness, patience, and personable approach can’t be beat. If you want the best, Alison can help you in your ancestral quest!  What a blessing! 

testimonial #2
Through Alison’s work we found that my mother had a full sibling who was still alive, had also been adopted, and had adoption papers listing his birth mother. We were able to confirm that the birth mother he thought was his for years, prior to DNA testing, was not actually the real birth mother. They had had the right name, but the wrong person. DNA testing doesn’t lie and we were able to find the real genetic birth mother and the match was then verified by the adoption papers. The birth father was then not only identified by DNA matches, but also verified through the Y-DNA testing that Alison recommended.

testimonial #3
Alison showed us how a DNA test can be used to answer adoption and biological questions in order to help find missing ancestors in your lineage and link you to your biological family if you were adopted. Alison is a quick study as she looks for patterns. She has a wealth of knowledge about the available resource websites and she remembers your family tree names and relationships so well as she works with you. She has a wide range of tools and skills that she successfully uses. She loves the stories and people she researches like we do and they become extended family to her along the way. It has been great celebrating these breakthroughs together.    

Featured Testimonial

My sister had done a DNA test to confirm our ethnicity, but to our surprise it came back with 12% German. My mother was adopted, and we had never explored her birth lineage, until now. The DNA testing results showed we had a 1st cousin so we contacted her immediately. Alison was able to use the DNA from us and this 1st cousin to locate and confirm my mother’s biological family. 
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